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As an end-to-end Solutions Provider, and a Partner in Research, Allentown will always go above and beyond to provide the industry with exactly what it needs. It's for this reason that we've once again extended the value of our NexGen family of products with the development of the NexGen MOUSE 900 IVC and Cage System! The NexGen Mouse 900 cage has the same, larger, 900 cm² floor space as its rat counterpart, but with a shorter height to provide your mice with the access they require to water and feed.


Smooth and easy sliding in, and the same sliding out...less stress and vibration for your animals and less repetitive motion strain on your staff... those are the benefits of NexGen's innovative plastic runner system. So innovative that the NexGen is changing the way animal care staff perform their wellness checks...they just slide their occupied cages out of their stalls 3/4 of the way and assess their animals. No need to fully remove cages from the rack...making animal observation simpler, easier and faster than ever before!


There's so little you'll hear when using a NexGen that it's easier to describe what you won't: no loud hum, no swirling fan, no air noise as it gets sucked into the blower intake...just quiet. Energy efficient ECM motors along with design expertise applied by Allentown airflow experts ensures you'll barely even notice that the blowers are on!


Lighter, smaller, easier to move and manipulate...that's the NexGen!
Reengineered to be stronger yet lighter, the NexGen uses less stainless steel and a combination of high-quality plastic materials to make the rack
easier to work with. Coupled with easy to assemble cage systems, working with the NexGen is a breeze!


Cage System with External Bottle Top
11.806" x 7.008" x 16.142"
300mm x 178mm x 410mm
Floor space: 142 in² | 916 cm²

Cage System with Hydropac® Top*
11.806" x 7.008" x 16.220"
300mm x 178mm x 412mm
Floor space: 142 in² | 916 cm²

External Bottle Top
Available with or without Locks
11.806" x 4.518" x 16.157"
300mm x 115mm x 410mm
Item #: 225440-1

Micro Barrier Top
Available with or without Locks
11.806" x 1.930" x 16.220"
300mm x 49mm x 412mm
Item #: 225556-2

External Hydropac® Top
Available with or without Locks
11.806" x 5.006" x 16.157"
300mm x 127mm x 410mm
Item #: 229318-1

Half Pocket Wire Bar Lid
11.225" x 4.397" x 8.473"
285mm x 112mm x 215mm
Item #: 413935

Cage Divider
2.008" x 6.850" x 14.646"
51mm x 174mm x 372mm
Item #: 229464

Safe Harbor Mouse Retreat™
2.520" x 2.756" x 4.488"
64mm x 70mm x 114mm
Item #: SHMR001

Mouse Mezzanine™
6.299" x 2.756" x 6.693"
160mm x 70mm x 170mm
Item #: SMMEZZ

NexGen Mouse 900 Cage
Auto Water Available
11.818" x 5.417" x 15.530"
300mm x 138mm x 394mm
Item #: 229317-1
All Dimensions Shown (Width x Height x Depth)
*The feeder/watering device is approved by Hydropac/Lab Products, Inc. for use with Hydropac® branded valves and pouches.
NexGen T-99 cage top filters are not dry heat sterilization compatible. A dry heat compatible filter can be provided.
Click here to learn about the chemical resistance of the medical-grade specialty polymers used in our caging.


Cage Capacities
45, 90

Capacity Width Height Depth Sides
45 65.066" (1653 mm) 74.812" (1900 mm) 24.5" (622 mm) 1
90 69.250" (1759 mm) 74.812" (1900 mm) 35.0" (889 mm) 2

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