NexGen Mouse 900

The lightest, most cost-effective, easiest-to-use animal-friendly IVC system in the LAS industry, now configured for group-mouse housing.

  • 142 in² / 916 cm², allowing for group housing
  • Smooth sliding, easy gliding cage docking / undocking
  • Low vibration spares animals and staff from discomfort
  • Observation made easier and faster

Easy Cage Removal

Smooth and easy sliding in, and the same sliding out...less stress and vibration for your animals and less repetitive motion strain on your staff...those are the benefits of NexGen's innovative plastic runner system. So innovative that the NexGen is changing the way animal care staff perform their wellness need to fully remove cages from the rack.

Quiet Operation

There's so little you'll hear when using a NexGen that it's easier to describe what you won't: no loud hum, no swirling fan, no air noise as it gets sucked into the blower intake... just quiet. Energy efficient ECM motors along with design expertise applied by Allentown airflow experts ensures you'll barely even notice that the blowers are on.


Lighter, easier to use, easier to move and manipulate, validated by an independent ergonomist. NexGen provides reliable protection for your staff and your animals. Reengineered to be stronger yet lighter, the NexGen uses less stainless steel and a combination of high-quality plastic materials to make the rack easier to work with.

Cage System with External Bottle Top
11.806 in x 7.008 in x 16.228 in
300 mm x 178 mm x 412 mm
Floor space: 142 in² | 916 cm²
Cage System with Hydropac® Top*
11.806 in x 7.008 in x 16.228 in
300 mm x 178 mm x 412 mm
Floor space: 142 in² | 916 cm²


250 mL
.62 lbs | 281 g (filled)
Item # PC250BCL+SLC
350 mL
.87 lbs | 395 g (filled)
Item # PC350BCL+SLC


External Bottle Top
Available with or without locks
11.806 in x 4.518 in x 16.157 in | 1.95 lbs
300 mm x 115 mm x 410 mm | 885 g
Item # 225440-1
Micro Barrier Top
Available with or without locks
11.806 in x 1.930 in x 16.220 in | 1.65 lbs
300 mm x 49 mm x 412 mm | 748 g
Item # 225556-2
External Hydropac® Top*
Available with or without locks
11.806 in x 5.006 in x 16.157 in | 2.00 lbs
300 mm x 127 mm x 410 mm | 907 g
Item # 229382-1


3 in x 5 in Vertical
Item # VH35P9-8
(also available in 3 in x 4 in)
3 in x 5 in Horizontal
Item # HH35P9-8
(also available in 3 in x 4 in)

WBL / Feeder

Half Pocket Wire Bar Lid
Food capacity: 998 g
11.225 in x 4.397 in x 8.473 in | 1.20 lbs
285 mm x 112 mm x 215 mm | 544 g
Item # 413935


Cage Divider
2.008 in x 6.850 in x 14.646 in | .52 lbs
51 mm x 174 mm x 372 mm | 236 g
Item # 229464
Safe Harbor Mouse Retreat™
2.520 in x 2.756 in x 4.488 in | .11 lbs
64 mm x 70 mm x 114 mm | 50 g
Item # BIO-K3583
Mouse Mezzanine™
6.299 in x 2.756 in x 6.693 in | .19 lbs
160 mm x 172 mm x 170 mm | 86 g


11.818 in x 5.417 in x 15.530 in | 2.10 lbs
300 mm x 138 mm x 394 mm | 953 g
Item # 229743-1 (without automatic watering - shown above)
Item # 229743-2 (with automatic watering)

All component data shown above are accurate as of publication date, but are subject to change without notice. Please consult with your Technical Sales Consultant before ordering to ensure accuracy.

Click here to learn about the chemical resistance of the medical-grade specialty polymers used in our caging.
The feeder/watering device is approved by Hydropac/Lab Products, Inc. for use with Hydropac® branded valves and pouches.
NexGen T-99 cage top filters are not dry heat sterilization compatible. A dry heat compatible filter can be provided.
All dimensions shown are Width x Height x Depth.

Colony Health Monitoring


Allentown and Charles River Laboratories have partnered together to develop the Exhaust Air Dust collection methodology — or EAD®. Available in two configurations, neither system requires the use of soiled-bedding sentinel animals, but instead captures and samples aggregate exhaust air from IVCs using a patented collection media that attracts dust particles but doesn't load like a filter, or impact airflow.

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Sentinel™ EAD®: US Patent 10,575,495 B2, Canadian Patent 2,987,625. Sentinel2™: US Patent 11,510,391 B2, Canadian Patent No. 3,101,445. Sentinel is a trademark of Allentown, LLC. EAD is a registered trademark of Charles River Laboratories, Inc.
Airflow Solutions

Industry leading airflow solutions.

The EcoFlo family of blowers are the most energy efficient, ergonomically friendly, and quietest blowers we've ever produced. Offered in a wide variety of solution friendly configurations - including rack mounted, wall mounted, ceiling mounted and free-standing tower - these blowers share the same efficiencies, ease of use, superior control, and dependability that are the hallmarks of all Allentown products.

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