Industry leading airflow solutions

The EcoFlo family of blowers are the most energy efficient, ergonomically friendly, and quietest blowers we've ever produced. Offered in a wide variety of solution friendly configurations blowers share the same efficiencies, ease of use, superior control, and dependability that are the hallmarks of all Allentown products.

  • The most energy efficient blowers due to our pioneering ECM motor technology
  • Quietest and lowest vibration blowers available
  • True HEPA certification, the entire unit is certified, not just the filter
  • Superior access and control
  • User friendly and ergonomic
Features and Benefits

Quiet, Energy Efficient with Low Vibration

The reason is simple why our airflow solutions are industry leading in all categories, they were designed by airflow experts, and applied to the laboratory animal science housing markets. Proven technology in residential and commercial HVAC applications we utilized to ensure the most efficient systems possible.

True HEPA Filtered Airflow

Just because a blower uses a certified HEPA filter does not mean it is providing HEPA filtered air. The air quality is only as good as how the filter and blower are working together. We're the only blower provider who HEPA certifies each and every blower to HEPA standards In Situ...because your research demands that level of precision and safety.

A Variety of Configurations

Not all research facilities needs are the same, so we made certain whether rack mounted, wall mounted, tower blowers are required that Allentown would have the EcoFlo solutions available.


Rack Mounted


Wall Mounted


The difference is in the details. Take a closer look.

With more than 50 years worth of experience and expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing, Allentown solutions are not only crafted to perfection, they are also meticulously documented to provide users with all of the information needed to maximize their value. Take a closer look by downloading the data sheet.

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