New Products

Wi-Com Cloud

The Wi-Com Cloud application allows you to monitor cloud-enabled EcoFlo blowers remotely or in person, in real time, by retrieving data via the app.

Home Cage Monitoring Mini-Rack

The Mini-Rack offers flexibility by allowing up to nine plates or as few as one. This way, you don’t have to make a costly investment upfront to reap the many benefits of Home Cage Monitoring.

FlexFlow Bedding Dispenser

Our new unit efficiently dispenses a wide variety of bedding types to a great range of cage sizes – with options to customize exact bedding amounts – while having the smallest footprint of its category in the industry.

Glassware Washers

Allentown offers laboratory glassware washers for the vivarium setting and other laboratories throughout the research facility. They are ideal for washing glassware equipment in universities, research centers, and in any installation where reusable glass materials are employed.

Home Cage Monitoring

The UID Mouse Matrix was developed to address the challenges researchers currently face when evaluating temperature and activity in socially-housed mice.

E-Cube Enrichment and Nesting

The Allentown E-Cube is designed to meet the physical and behavioral needs of rodents, enabling them to create an environment that mimics their wild habitat in accordance with global animal welfare recommendations and the 3Rs.

Not available in North America.

Allentown brings more than 50 years of experience in Laboratory Animal Science to the design of a wide range of cage wash chemical technologies. These detergents work in all animal facilities, and ensure that caging equipment is cleaned to the highest possible standards, while at the same time protecting the cage material. Not currently offered in North America.


Allentown offers MATACHANA sterilizers developed to provide maximum and continuous performance in these types of environments. They cover a wide range of applications including processing lab animal housing, bedding boxes, feed, glassware, instruments, porous loads, liquids (open and closed), and other laboratory elements.

Sterilization Bags

New to the Allentown product line, Allentown Sterilization Bags offer research facilities a convenient, safe and easy-to-use solution for sterilizing cages, including safeguards to reduce the margin of error and minimize mishandling. Dry-heat compatible.

Research Anesthesia

Allentown provides research anesthesia equipment and services to the animal welfare and research community with a focus on clinical accuracy, clinician/technician safety, economic performance and intuitive functionality. Allentown is the exclusive global representative for SOMNI products.

NexGen Rat 1800 Tall

NexGen Rat Housing that complies with CCAC (Canadian Council on Animal Care) requirements and other global standards for rat housing, permitting optimal bipedal posture and animal enrichment.


Sentinel2 is an alternate system that employs a capture device that is still in the exhaust stream, but no longer sits inside the exhaust plenum. Instead, it attaches either to the exhaust blower, or on top of the plenum, providing access to the collection media without the need to open it up.