Wi-Com InSight

Intra-cage Monitoring

Wi-Com InSight monitors individual cages for water leakage, temperature, humidity, light, and ammonia. InSight samples conditions within the cage directly and reports conditions wirelessly back to an iPad central collection system in real time, where this information can be reviewed and reported on for maximum research value, and from where automatic email notifications can be sent.

  • Sample conditions directly from within the cage
  • Water leakage, temperature, humidity & light
  • Wireless reporting to a central location
  • Programable for automated condition emails/alerts
Features and Benefits

Easy Cage Placement

InSight sensors are secured within the cage on the underside of the lid. Since each sensor is cage specific, you can use as many – or as few – as you need. No longer do you need to commit to an expensive, full-rack system.

Stand-alone Sensor

InSight sensors have a battery life of 5 months – 1 year, and can be sterilized using Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP). In addition to email notifications from the app, LEDs on the surface of each sensor provide visual cues to alert users to an alarm condition within the cage.

Easy-to-Use App

Intra-cage conditions are collected, monitored, and reported on by an easy-to-use iPad app. The app can also be configured to send automatic email notifications regarding conditions within the cage.

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