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The Next Generation of
Bio Containment


When you remove a cage from the Allentown BCU-2 system, both the cage AND the rack are sealed from the room. We accomplish this with quick disconnect couplings on both the cages and the rack that automatically seal once the cage is undocked from the rack. Our four-point-sealing system is so innovative that it's patented, and found nowhere else other than on Allentown housing solutions. US Patent 6,308,660


The deceptively simple, yet critically important, modifications of Allentown's SmartDock Technology ensure that neither the cage nor the lid of the BCU-2 will dock incorrectly, securing the reliable connection of Allentown's patented four-point-sealing system, and the health and well-being of your valuable research animals! Add to this the highly visible docking indicator of our plastic cage runners, and docking your BCU-2 cages incorrectly becomes all but impossible!

10 or 20 HOUR

Being a completely sealed system, the Allentown BCU-2 unit requires a battery backup in the case of power failures or emergency conditions. With 10 or 20 hours of emergency backup power, blower redundancy, and wireless monitoring and alarming, the BCU-2 system allows ample time for laboratory staff to provide for the wellbeing of the animals during emergency conditions.


Smooth and easy sliding in, and the same sliding out... less stress and vibration for your animals and less repetitive motion strain on your staff... those are the benefits of the BCU-2's innovative plastic runner system. So innovative that the BCU-2 is changing the way animal care staff perform their wellness checks... they just slide their occupied cages out of their stalls 3/4 of the way and assess their animals. No need to fully remove cages from the rack... making animal observation simpler, easier and faster!

Click here to learn about the chemical resistance of the
medical-grade specialty polymers used in our caging.


Lighter, smaller, easier to move and manipulate... that's the BCU-2. Reengineered to be stronger, the BCU-2 uses a combination of the high-quality materials to make the rack easier to work with. Coupled with easy to assemble cage systems, working with the BCU-2 is a breeze!

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