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For 50 years
the leader in innovative,
long-lasting, quality primate housing.


Every large species housing project is custom to a large degree. At Allentown, we have the experience, the expertise and the skill to build you the most efficient, longest lasting and high quality housing units which work perfectly in your holding rooms. 50 years ago our very first project was a primate enclosure, and we've been getting better and better at our craft ever since.


Some of our units are still in service close to 50 years later...why? Commitment. Commitment to skilled people, innovative designs, high-grade materials and proven manufacturing methods...and most importantly commitment to you, our customers. We're proud of our 300+ staffed manufacturing facility and the high level of skill they bring to their jobs each and every day. That level of skill, determination and unmatched commitment to quality is what makes Allentown products stand the test of time, and stand proudly above the rest.

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