Primate Housing

Building upon more than 50 years' worth of experience in the development, installation and service of primate housing, Allentown is using that leadership to innovate once again, offering a new line of One Over One and Two Over Two primate units that assemble and ship faster, cost less to produce, and are offered more affordably than any other units in the Laboratory Animal Science industry.

  • Faster construction using modular assembly
  • Offering quick and easy customization per customer requirements
  • Select from a variety of configurations
  • Design a unit unique to customer needs, faster

The Allentown Process

  • Detailed customer meetings to define scope of project
  • Review of similar, historic housing to draw parallels with new housing
  • Creation of drawings and 3D models
  • Installation, SAT, and rapid service response
  • On-going customer review meetings at every project stage

Typical Configurations

  • One-over-one enclosure
  • Two-over-two enclosures
  • Units can be ganged together to run length of holding area
  • Variety of quick-select side panels, doors, dividers and pans
  • Fully autoclavable and durable

Allentown Experience

  • Designing and manufacturing primate housing for over 51 years
  • Global leader in primate and large animal housing
  • Understanding of guidelines and most common project challenges
  • Longevity of product through proper material selection, design and fabrication
  • Design and installation experience, more than 30,000 units worldwide
One Over One
Automatic watering available
Rear flush:
38.625 in x 78.875 in x 36.000 in
981 mm x 2003 mm x 914 mm
Dry pan:
38.625 in x 78.875 in x 32.375 in
981 mm x 2003 mm x 822 mm
Floor space (2x): 6 ft² | 0.56 m²
Two Over Two
Automatic watering available
Rear flush:
72.375 in x 78.875 in x 36.000 in
1838 mm x 2003 mm x 914 mm
Dry pan:
72.375 in x 78.875 in x 32.375 in
1838 mm x 2003 mm x 822 mm
Floor space (4x): 6 ft² | 0.56 m²


Item # 230987
Item # 230988


32 Ounce
946 mL
Item # M3200

Side Panels

Item # 230919
Item # 230931
Solid Interactive
Item # 414817 (317113 + 414812)
Mesh Interactive
Item # 414818 (317115 + 414812)


PR6 Pan
Item # 401533
Stainless Steel Dry Pan
Item # 204479
Stainless Steel Rear Flush Partial
Item # 307204

Center Divider (Two Over Two)

Stainless Steel
Item # 316940
Item # 317146

The difference is in the details. Take a closer look.

With more than 50 years worth of experience and expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing, Allentown solutions are not only crafted to perfection, they are also meticulously documented to provide users with all of the information needed to maximize their value. Take a closer look by downloading the data sheet.

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