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VDS+ is the unrivaled integration powerhouse for architects, engineers, planners, owners, and contractors. With a wealth of experience spanning decades in vivarium design, engineering analysis, and dedicated service, we offer a holistic approach that seamlessly blends best practices and top-tier product support. Count on us as your trusted partner throughout every project phase. Start benefiting from our expertise in cutting-edge methodologies that guarantee exceptional results. We show our commitment to you in our unwavering dedication to customer-centric services and products, custom-crafted to align perfectly with your objectives, ensuring your vision is at the core of all our endeavors.

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  • Fostering relationships with architects, engineers, planners, owners, and contractors
  • Your trusted best-practices resource
  • Tailored excellence with a customer-centric approach
  • Immersive 3D space visualizations
  • Innovative vivarium solutions at the forefront of technology

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Unlocking the Potential of VDS+: Your Benefits Await

Vivarium Design Solutions Plus (VDS+) is here to turn your vision into actionable solutions. Our accomplished VDS+ teams utilize cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools such as Revit and AutoCAD to craft immersive 3D room layouts, precise equipment, and animal capacity projections. This innovative approach allows research facilities to gain fresh perspectives and visualize their projects like never before.

With our wealth of experience, advanced tools, and extensive knowledge, the VDS+ team is ready to extend this exceptional support to research facilities worldwide. Join us in shaping the future of animal housing. To learn more about options, insights, solutions, and services, email us today at

BIM Tools

Elevating Vivarium Design with Revit® and AutoCAD Blocks

Revit® building design software, tailored for Building Information Modeling (BIM), empowers design and construction experts to seamlessly translate conceptual ideas into construction reality through a meticulously coordinated, model-based strategy. Equipped with Revit and AutoCAD blocks featuring our complete range of flagship products, lab planners and architectural and engineering professionals can effortlessly integrate our cutting-edge laboratory animal solutions into every vivarium project, ensuring industry-leading excellence in design and execution.

Revit and AutoCAD Library

Advantages For Our Valued Customers

Architects, Engineers, and Planners

Efficiency gains and time-saving benefits:

  • Trusted best-practices partner and collaboration
  • Striking the perfect balance between quality, cost, and client expectations
  • Precision project management and deadline targeting
  • Thorough specifications, meticulous details, and precise shop drawings

Institutions, Universities, and Private Research Organizations

Peace of mind assured:

  • Customer-centric project consultation focused on your unique research needs
  • Streamlined alignment of wish lists, performance goals, and budget considerations
  • Precise budget planning and adherence
  • Your voice throughout the process

General and Subcontractors

Smooth execution and effortless implementation:

  • Leveraging decades of facility experience
  • Comprehensive product and service support
  • Meticulous specifications, detailed plans, and shop drawings
  • Expert project management
  • Access to custom fabrication resources
Facility Integrated Airflow Solutions

Allentown's Airflow Experts Can Help

No one has more experience than Allentown in planning, designing, installing, and maintaining facility-level airflow solutions for the LAS industry. Learn about our Facility Integrated Airflow Solutions (FIAS) here, but make sure to visit the Vivarium Design Services section of our website for more information on how Allentown's airflow experts can partner with customers, free of charge, to help create the most efficient holding rooms for your personnel and your research.

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