Automation: The Better Way

While BetterBuilt Activ Automation offers an array of impressive features and benefits, what truly sets it apart is our commitment to personalized solutions and understanding the unique needs and capabilities of the facilities we work with, allowing us to tailor our recommendations accordingly.

  • Crafting solutions aligned with your evolving research needs.
  • The flexibility to design custom robotic systems.
  • Full engagement with you at every stage.
  • Dedicated support from initial assessment to installation and beyond.
  • Personalized solutions and unwavering commitment to your success.

When we merge the Allentown Way and the BetterBuilt Way, we create a Better Way to serve our customers.

What is the better way?
Empower Your Processes with Activ Automation

Frequently, our top recommendation for automation is the Activ solution. This fully integrated system leverages mechanical conveyance to seamlessly automate cage-washing, from scraping and dumping to washing and dispensing bedding. It offers many advantages including boosted throughput capabilities, heightened employee safety, enhanced operational consistency, and substantial cost savings. But here's the kicker: we'll always customize solutions to fit your needs and ensure your success. That's a promise we will stand by no matter what. It's simply the Better Way, plain and simple.

  • Enhances Throughput Capabilities
  • Improves Employee Safety
  • Advances Modular Design
  • More Operational Consistency
  • Increases Economical Savings
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Introducing the Activ Automated Dump Station

Whether seamlessly integrated with our automation system or utilized as a standalone solution, the Activ ADS automates cage scraping and dumping processes.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and clean cage throughput, facilitating smoother and faster cleaning processes.
  • Improved worker safety through the utilization of controlled movements within an enclosed environment, reducing the risk of injuries and allergen exposure for operators.

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