Activ™ Automation Solutions

We offer a wide variety of automated solutions to meet the challenges facing washing facilities in the laboratory and animal research industries.

Activ IAS
Integrated Automated Solution

This non-robotic system offers allergen exposure protection to operators, space savings modular design and fully integrated with a BetterBuilt Tunnel Washer. Activ™ IAS optimum throughput capabilities plus significant decrease in energy consumption exceeds other cage automation systems.

  • Supercharges throughput capabilities
  • Top in energy efficiency
  • Prioritizes operator safety

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Activ View
Data Collection and Control System

The BetterBuilt Activ™ View Data Collection and Control System is a graphical supervisory software allowing users to monitor and control ethernet connected BetterBuilt, Sure-Flo™, Sure-Vac™, and Activ equipment. Relevant data collected is stored in a database on a server for easy retrieval and report generation. Activ View also allows users to control ethernet connected BetterBuilt and Sure-Flo equipment from a PC or web browser.

  • Simplifies integration and equipment control
  • Advances data analysis
  • Enhances security and accessibility

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Activ ADS
Automated Dump Station

The BetterBuilt Activ™ Automated Dump Station (ADS) is part of the Activ Automation suite of solutions which actively solve operational and worker safety concerns in laboratory animal research facilities. Using fixed controlled movements through pneumatics and drives, soiled rodent cages are dumped and scraped automatically in an enclosed environment limiting allergen exposure to operators.

  • Streamlines efficiency capabilities
  • Enhances personnel safety
  • Bolsters flexible configurations

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