Your trusted global partner in life-saving research

For over 50 years, Allentown has provided critical solutions to the biomedical research community. Our high-quality equipment and advanced vivarium systems continue to define and exceed industry standards. Like everything we do, our unparalleled customer service is stamped with the Allentown hallmarks of integrity, dedication and care.


Care is at the heart of everything we do.

It’s when you put someone else first – the customer, the researcher, the patient whose comfort, maybe even life is at stake – when you put yourself in their shoes and go the extra mile to do something that makes them feel better, makes their job easier and work more successful, puts their mind at rest and relieves their discomfort.


Science is the end goal that drives us.

We believe strongly in the ultimate benefit to Humanity that successful scientific research brings. The quest for knowledge is a noble cause and we are proud to play our part in it – from the designers of our products through to the service agents who anticipate the needs of research facilities and funnel their observations back into our innovation programs. At Allentown, we know that a slight deviation in performance can make a critical difference to potentially life-saving research. We strive each day to improve our knowledge and to engineer systems and equipment that researchers can rely on to work better, last longer and meet the exacting standards of the scientific endeavors that they serve.


Integrity is the quality that defines Allentown, both in terms of the products that we make and the way we operate and manage our customer relationships.

We come from a region steeped in the tradition of research and renowned for breakthrough scientific discoveries. With a manufacturing culture rooted in the stainless steel industry, we uphold a legacy of precision engineering and equipment designed for durability. Our systems are known for their efficiency, performance and dependability within a clinical environment. We continue to aspire to be not just a supplier of vital equipment, but a trusted partner in every step of the research process, with the most responsive team of customer service professionals and a corporate culture founded on the paramount importance of long-lasting relationships.

Allentown Pillars


Our manufacturing capability produces precision-engineered, reliable equipment that lasts longer and performs more efficiently, safely, accurately and humanely.


Our focus on high-quality personal service and our corporate culture create trust and stability, delivering applicable knowledge and peace of mind for our customers.


Our lasting relationships with leading institutions provide the insights to design smarter systems that keep animals and researchers happier and healthier, yielding better scientific results.
Trusted Partner
Driving the market forward with innovation while staying true to the principles that the company was built on. Allentown - your trusted partner in life-saving research.

Allentown draws on a rich history of innovation and engineering excellence, having evolved from the same family-owned factory over the past 50 years. Our world-leading manufacturing capability produces precision-engineered, reliable equipment that lasts longer and performs more efficiently, safely, accurately and humanely. We bring the tradition of the steel industry and apply it to Life Science solutions. Our products are designed to show that form and function do indeed go hand in hand.


Allentown recognizes our obligation to manage, conserve, and sustain natural resources. Our dedication to improving life is inseparable from making a positive environmental impact. To that end all our products are designed and offered with sustainability in mind. Our guiding foundational achievement was converting our global headquarters to Solar energy. Annually, this investment will generate 1.7 million kW hours: enough clean renewable energy to power 177 average-sized homes or the equivalent to saving 510,281 liters of fuel for a year.


Allentown is well-known for reliability. Not only are our products engineered to last longer and perform better than any others in the market, but our customer service team is legendary for its dependability. Our customers trust us to go the extra yard, to anticipate their needs and to be there to maintain our systems – because we know that caring enough about the end results can be a matter of life and death.

Easy, Flexible, Responsive and Smart

From our flagship systems down to individual components, Allentown products are designed with ultimate ease-of-use and convenience in mind. Single-use or reusable, our vivarium cages are delivered ready-to-use straight out of the box. Flexible configurations for housing different types of rodent maximize floor space and make customers’ resources go further. Industry-leading airflow systems increase bio-security and reduce energy consumption. And by innovating with connected devices using WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile apps, Allentown now enables 24 hour remote operation, monitoring and data collection.