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A letter from John Coiro

To our colleagues in the Laboratory Animal Science community:

Over the past fifty years you have come to know Allentown through our products and services, but we’ve never really told you our story. We’ve never told you what made us who we are today or what makes us tick (and how that benefits research and you, our customers.)

Soon, that will change.

The same Allentown that has been leading the animal housing industry in integrity, care and innovation throughout these many decades will be presenting our new look. We’ll be presenting more insight on what motivates us to be the best at what we do, and why above all else we have an inherent and unending drive to serve science to improve lives.

Please stay tuned for your reintroduction to Allentown.

John M. Coiro
John M. Coiro
Allentown, Incorporated

Allentown, Inc.