Primate Enclosures

The recent trend toward Enclosure Housing – with its much larger space and grander canvas for development – has afforded us the opportunity to innovate, not only in ways that meet these standards, but in ways that promote superior animal care and research.

  • Larger Enclosure Areas
  • Focus on enrichment
  • Capable of connection with more traditional housing
  • Designed to maximize capacity within existing facility space

The Allentown Process

  • Detailed customer meetings to define scope of project
  • Review of similar, historic housing to draw parallels with new housing
  • Creation of drawings and 3D models
  • Installation, SAT, and rapid service response
  • On-going customer review meetings at every project stage

Typical Enclosure Configurations

  • Larger enclosed area
  • Offering more vertical height, open space, enrichment
  • Larger enclosed area may have internal caging features such as catch cages
  • Integration with one-over-one, two-over-two and play cages
  • Increased holding area while maximized available facility space

Allentown Experience

  • Designing and manufacturing primate housing for over 51 years
  • Global leader in primate and large animal housing
  • Understanding of guidelines and most common project challenges
  • Longevity of product through proper material selection, design and fabrication
  • Design and installation experience, more than 30,000 units worldwide
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Case Study

Overview and Challenges

  • Enclosure for 8 - 12 primates
  • Group and isolate primate for procedure
  • Enrichment
  • Socialization
  • Maximize capacity based on room dynamics

Allentown Solution

  • 49 ft² (4.6 m²) enclosure
  • Developed Tunnel and Catch Cage System for daily procedures
  • Enclosure design incorporates thermal neutral materials, rails, ladders, perches, balcony, etc.
  • 27 enclosures in a variety of configurations from stand-alone to multiples joined by common wall