Guinea Pig Housing

The standard non-ventilated and ventilated guinea pig housing designs are based on Allentown’s classic housing units and decades of proven caging experience and design expertise.

  • Standard or custom housing solutions
  • High-quality materials, manufacturing and ergonomic features
  • Combination of high-quality stainless steel and plastic autoclavable components
  • Ventilated positive or negative pressure housing for animal and researcher safety
  • Configured to satisfy unique housing needs

The Allentown Process

  • Detailed customer meetings to define scope of project
  • Review of similar, historic housing to draw parallels with new housing
  • Installation, SAT, and rapid service response
  • On-going customer review meetings at every project stage

Long Lasting Value

  • High-end material selection for greater durability and safety
  • Unsurpassed craftsmanship to ensure proper operation over decades
  • Installation and consultation with Allentown specialized staff
  • Variety of feed and watering options, including automatic watering

Allentown Experience

  • Designing and manufacturing large animal housing for over 51 years
  • Global leader in large animal housing
  • Understanding of guidelines and most common project challenges
  • Longevity of product through proper material selection, design and fabrication
Components - Ventilated System: NexGen 1800
Cage System with Feeder
23.161 in x 11.253 in 16.228 in
588 mm x 286 mm x 412 mm
Floor space: 279 in² | 1800 cm²


480 mL
1.20 lbs | 544 g (filled)
Item # PC16BHT (bottle)
Item # SPL48RS-18 (spin-on lid)


External Bottle Top
Available with or without locks
Optional Filter Guard available
22.511 in x 6.742 in x 16.220 in | 4.10 lbs
572 mm x 171 mm x 412 mm | 1860 g
Item # 230347


3 in x 5 in Vertical
Item # VH35P9-8
(also available in 3 in x 4 in)
3 in x 5 in Horizontal
Item # HH35P9-8
(also available in 3 in x 4 in)

WBL / Feeder

Hanging Feeder: Guinea Pig
Food capacity: 998 g
3.5 in x 7.218 in x 5.519 in | 0.84 lbs
89 mm x 183 mm x 140 mm | 381 g
Item # 228542
Hanging Feeder: Guinea Pig/Ferret
Food capacity: 1202 g
5.065 in x 7.264 in x 4.196 in | 1.44 lbs
129 mm x 185 mm x 107 mm | 653 g
Item # 228560


Automatic watering available
23.161 in x 7.644 in x 15.534 in | 5.40 lbs
588 mm x 194 mm x 395 mm | 2449 g
Item # 315351-1

All dimensions shown (Width x Height x Depth)


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