Bedding Dispenser

Our new unit efficiently dispenses a wide variety of bedding types to a great range of cage sizes – with options to customize exact bedding amounts – while having the smallest footprint of its category in the industry, all while being safe. And although it is half the size of most bedding dispensers, it has the same throughput capabilities. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to connect with others to maximize any facility’s bedding dispensing capacity – or to position single units strategically in various locations to improve workflow. Lastly, FlexFlow’s safety features, combined with its compact design, make it extremely ergonomic.

  • Dispenses a wide variety of bedding types, even problematic types, to an unlimited number of cage sizes
  • Half the footprint of typical bedding dispensers with equal throughput capabilities
  • Accurately and consistently dispenses exact amounts of bedding, up to two cages at a time
  • Ergonomic design and safety features improve your workflow and work-life
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Features and Benefits


FlexFlow gets its name because of how flexible it is. What makes it so flexible, is it easily adapts to various situations while performing extremely well and accurately. The FlexFlow can work with a large variety of cage sizes, with almost any bedding type and any specific amount of bedding.


FlexFlow is half the size of most bedding dispensers, creating more space. More space equals more ergonomic. How? Because facilities will have more freedom to make work areas more compact, to make workflow simple and customizable. What’s more, FlexFlow is equipped with safety features to protect operators and ensure a safe working environment.


FlexFlow’s intuitive interface allows the programming of virtually unlimited cage sizes with customizable bedding dispensing amounts. This same interface gives access to maintenance operations, filter status, animated help screens, and more. Also, FlexFlow dispenses into one or two cages at a time.

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Compatible Bedding

How FlexFlow Dispenses Problematic Bedding

Some bedding types tend to bridge and jam in most bedding dispensers. FlexFlow features a unique auger/valve design and an agitation system that moves the bedding to allow seamless distribution of almost any bedding type.

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What types of bedding does FlexFlow dispense?

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How many cages can FlexFlow dispense to at once?

Is the amount of bedding that is dispensed preset from the factory? Can I change it?

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How is the bedding moved from the bottom hopper to the top hopper?

How much bedding does the FlexFlow hold?

How do I know when the bedding needs to be refilled?

Do the prefilter and HEPA filters require maintenance?

What type of HEPA filter does the FlexFlow use and how often does it need to be replaced?

What does the Cyclone Particulate Trap do?

What are the regular maintenance items of the FlexFlow?

Is the FlexFlow loud?

Are special tools required to service the FlexFlow?

Are there safety measures built into the FlexFlow?

Can I get email alerts on FlexFlow’s status?

What are the electricity requirements?

Are there versions for global electricity requirements?