Animal Transfer Station

The Phantom2 expands upon everything that made the original Phantom great, with improved industry-leading ISO Class 3 airflow, the new Active Barrier Containment™ system, technologic and ergonomic enhancements to improve ease of use, lighter weight, and a variety of optional features for added convenience.

  • ISO Class 3 Verified by Independent 3rd Party ISO 14644 Accredited Clean Room Certifier
  • Increased protection with Active Barrier Containment
  • Ease of use with best in class ergonomic design
  • More usable space with increased worksurface area
Features and Benefits

ISO Class 3 Airflow

While the original Phantom provided ISO Class 4 airflow — 10 times the level of air cleanliness than most units at that time — the Phantom2 employs double HEPA filtration to provide ISO Class 3 airflow which has been verified by an independent 3rd Party ISO 14644 Accredited Clean Room Certifier.

Active Barrier Containment

Protection of your research, your animals and your personnel is the main goal of an animal transfer station. The Phantom2 uses an outside-of-sash air curtain barrier for increased work surface protection.

Ergonomic Design

The Phantom2 has more room to work, a new color touchscreen from which users can program variable heights for the unit, dim or adjust lights (including the use of a new RED light mode), and set ECO-modes for environmentally-friendly operation.

Digital Content

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More Options

The new Phantom2 comes packed with innovative ergonomic features, so it only makes sense that it offers a long list of new optional features and accessories that even further improve the user experience:

Motion Sensor
Start up the Phantom2 with a wave of your hand or any movement on the work surface, leaving you free to go about your business.

Food Hopper
Custom molded plastic food hopper allowing for easier feed dispensing.

Single-Sided Configuration
A plastic sash designed to close off the backside of the Phantom2. Installed pre-delivery by Allentown or at your facility and easily turns your Phantom2 into a single-sided change station.

Magnifying Glass
Add a high-powered magnifying glass anywhere on the Phantom2 sashes for enhanced visibility.

Go-anywhere Magnetic Bumpers
Place magnetic bumpers anywhere on the Phantom2 unit to avoid damage while moving unit through your facility.

Trespa® Work Surface
Drop the alternate Trespa work surface into the dished work surface for a different work-area experience.

Lid Holder
A convenient and out-of-the-way place to park lids during cage change.

Foot Rest & Shelves
A variety of options to increase ergonomics, comfort, and convenience.