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The Industry's Leading
RFID Census Solution.


Wi-Com Sensus streamlines and automates the census taking process using Allentown's patented system of embedding cardholders with RFID tags, or through the use of RFID card stock. RFID is the same wireless technology employed by access key cards and electronic toll collectors. This high tech approach reduces costs and ensures accuracy for both the facility and the researchers who work there.


The RFID collection technology of Wi-Com Sensus would mean very little without a robust software interface to process the data and a secure central repository within which it can be stored. Fortunately, Wi-Com Sensus has such a system available. The Sensus software package allows the collected data to be safely aggregated, processed and made available for complete access, accurate receipt generation and advanced reporting.


Although Sensus was designed to handle the entire census taking process from end to end, without the need for additional software or solutions, many facilities already have a facility management system in place. Fortunately, Wi-Com Sensus is also an incredibly flexible solution, allowing those with existing systems to continue using what they already have, yet augment it with the superior RFID collection technology of Wi-Com Sensus.


In order to validate the real-world ROI of the Wi-Com Sensus solution, Allentown developed the Wi-Com Sensus Value Comparison Calculator - a tool that compares varying census-taking methods and evaluates them in the areas of: Annual Labor Savings; Potential Revenue Recovery; Return on Investment; and more. To receive a detailed Wi-Com Sensus Value Comparison custom-prepared for your facility, please click here.

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