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The Best Choice for
Researchers' Needs.


The Allentown negative-flow poultry isolation unit is manufactured to the highest safety standards and meets the stringent demands of animal research on various species of fowl. This sealed isolation system retains all airborne pathogens and allergens, assuring maximum containment of hazardous agents from sensitive areas, and keeps the micro and macro environmental influences separate.


Allentown has set the industry standard for high quality, long lasting poultry housing units. Launched from a customer request for customer designed, sturdy and highly functional poultry housing, Allentown units have become known for their ease of use and unmatched value. Built and designed to our customers' exacting specifications, Allentown's poultry housing units are known around the globe as the best choice for researchers' housing needs.


Our units last...why? Commitment. Commitment to skilled people, innovative designs, high-grade materials and proven manufacturing methods... and most importantly commitment to you, our customers. Our highly-skilled designers and craftsmen create more than just housing units for biomedical research, they create housing solutions that they can be certain will serve our customers for many years to come.

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