Housing Services

Due to the highly specialized challenges that are unique to Gnotobiotic research Allentown has employed a holistic approach by providing our customers with the consultation of a team of veteran laboratory animal specialists with over 100 years of combined experience. We recognize that specialized equipment alone is not enough to change the face of Gnotobiotic research. A well-educated team approach, with the appropriate housing provider, is the best course of action.

  • Free unlimited access to specialized gnoto and a research housing specialists
  • Access and dialogue with the growing community of Allentown Gnotobiotic housing users
  • Assistance with project and local constraints analysis
  • Integration assistance with gnotobiology activity within your existing facility
  • Assistance with validation of microbiota / germ-free status
  • Staff training
Experienced Team

Allentown created a team of veteran laboratory animal specialists with over 100 years of combined laboratory animal experience ranging in disciplines of Veterinary Science, Rodent Facility Processes, Facility Management and Facility Design.

Brian Bilecki, BSME

Gnotobiotics Team Leader, Director of Vivarium Design Services

In his role as Director, Vivarium Design Services, Brian has more than 20 years of experience in Laboratory Animal Science. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering Science and is a member of both AALAS and ASHRAE. Brian has authored articles for several trade journals and is a regular speaker at industry meetings across the globe.

The excitement surrounding Gnoto and Germ-free research today is real, and it's invigorating to be a part of it. Housing solutions for this type of research can be complex, but definitely achievable if you have the right people in the room. For this type of research, specialized equipment is not enough. Training, collaboration and partnerships between the researchers and our team is essential, and it has been an honor to share our expertise with some of the brightest minds in research.

Benefits of a Team Approach:

Research and Expertise
The team audits Gnotobiotic facilities' processes, methodologies and challenges, and collaborates with facility leaders to craft a customized Gnotobiotic Housing Plan. Through this study, the team obtains a unique perspective on how Allentown can leverage our specialized services to help foster the growth, productivity and impact of our partners' Gnotobiotic research.

Service & Training
Once a customized Gnotobiotic Housing Plan is crafted and implemented, the team is highly involved in helping develop and perform training modules. The training covers new SOPs, as well as proper operation of housing and processing equipment; equipment which is kept in proper working status through regular Allentown service visits.

Critical Areas of Focus
Project and local constraints analysis. Integration of gnotobiology activity in the existing facilities. Selection of the most suitable and site specific integrated solution (associating dedicated caging system, working cabinets and flows / transfers) Defining technical options (such as cold sterilization, provision of sterile equipment and supplies, effective sterile transfers). Validation of microbiota / germ-free status maintenance over time Dealing with all operational practicalities (including personnel training) Ensuring procedure practicality. Control of microbiota over time and adequate project optimization (time, costs, resources)

Case Study

Published recently in the Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research, this new paper describes and discusses the rearing and breeding of 117 germ-free mice for over 1 year using the Sentry SPP sealed positive pressure IVC and accompanying Allentown gnotobiotic solutions.

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Rack System

Sentry SPP

The Sentry SPP employs a Sealed Positive Pressure (SPP) system to achieve the type of germ-controlled environment traditionally found only in isolators.

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Biological Safety Cabinet

SC Plus for Gnotobiotic Studies

To facilitate cage change while still maintaining the integrity of the germ- free environment, Allentown offers a special Transfer Chamber that seamlessly integrates with our SC Plus Biological Safety Cabinet.

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Autoclave Presentation Rack


The Sani-Rack is an effective, safe and simple method for autoclaving Sentry SPP or BCU-2 cage systems without the need for labor-intensive disassembly, stacking or costly cage bagging.

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The difference is in the details. Take a closer look.

With more than 50 years worth of experience and expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing, Allentown solutions are not only crafted to perfection, they are also meticulously documented to provide users with all of the information needed to maximize their value. Take a closer look by downloading the data sheet.

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