Cage Level Enrichment

Manufactured in sturdy polycarbonate, Allentown offers the Mouse Mezzanine and the Safe Harbor Mouse Retreat. Both fit nicely into the cage without restricting access to water or food supplies while providing space, activity area and shelter. These devices work in a variety of Allentown and non-Allentown cage systems.

  • Manufactured in sturdy polycarbonate
  • Provides activity area and shelter
  • Compatible with a variety of cage systems
Richer Enrichment

Environmental enrichment enhances animal well-being.

The primary aim of environmental enrichment is to enhance animal well-being by providing animals with sensory and motor stimulation, through structures and resources that facilitate the expression of species-typical behaviors and promote psychological well-being through physical exercise, manipulative activities, and cognitive challenges according to species-specific characteristics.
- Excerpted from The eighth edition of The Guide

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Data Sheet

Safe Harbor Mouse Retreat
2.520 in x 2.756 in x 4.488 in | .11 lbs
64 mm x 70 mm x 114 mm | 50 g
Item # K3583-RED
Mouse Mezzanine
6.299 in x 2.756 in x 6.693 in | .19 lbs
160 mm x 70 mm x 170 mm | 86 g