Elevated Enrichment Lofts

Manufactured in sturdy polycarbonate, the Enrichment Loft provides the highest level of enrichment, privacy and safety for your rodent populations. Allentown offers both mouse and rat enrichment, compatible with the NexGen Mouse, NexGen MAX, NexGen Rat 900, NexGen Rat 1800 and 75 JAG cage systems.

  • Manufactured in sturdy polycarbonate
  • Available for mice and rats
  • Compatible with the NexGen Mouse, NexGen MAX, NexGen Rat 900, NexGen Rat 1800 and 75 JAG cage systems
Richer Enrichment

Environmental enrichment enhances animal well-being.

The primary aim of environmental enrichment is to enhance animal well-being by providing animals with sensory and motor stimulation, through structures and resources that facilitate the expression of species-typical behaviors and promote psychological well-being through physical exercise, manipulative activities, and cognitive challenges according to species-specific characteristics.
- Excerpted from The eighth edition of The Guide

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Data Sheet

NexGen Mouse Enrichment Loft
2.361 in x 3.078 in x 4.008 in | .10 lbs
60 mm x 78 mm x 102 mm | 45 g
Item # 315680
NexGen Rat 900 and Rat 1800
Enrichment Loft
7.430 in x 4.188 in x 3.525 in | .30 lbs
189 mm x 106 mm x 90 mm | 136 g
Item # 315584
NexGen MAX Enrichment Loft
3.261 in x 2.710 in x 4.630 in | .10 lbs
83 mm x 69 mm x 118 mm | 45 g
Item # 316961-1
75 JAG Enrichment Loft
5.690 in x 2.510 in x 2.490 in | .10 lbs
145 mm x 64 mm x 63 mm | 45 g
Item # 316415-1