Allentown Partners with Capital Partners

Allentown is pleased to announce our partnership with Capital Partners Holdings, Inc. (“Capital Partners”; Allentown (, a leading global provider of life science solutions, and Capital Partners, a private equity firm managing a $600 million fund focused on long-term equity investments in leading management-held businesses, will combine expertise and capital to help Allentown solidify and expand its position as the world leader in biomedical research support.

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FELASA 2019 Congress

The FELASA 2019 congress, for which Allentown was a Gold Sponsor, took place on 10th-13th June in Prague, Czech Republic. Offering a spectacular view of Prague and a large and friendly social space, every participant could enjoy time with the Allentown team, and discover all of our latest innovations.

Tech Tips

Manual Cleaning of IVC Rack

With regard to cleaning and disinfection, products must be selected and used by competent and qualified professionals, applying safety procedures and instructions to ensure the expected effectiveness and safety of personnel.

Did You Know?

Single-Use Housing System Analysis

All the advantages of the single-use EasyCage system are well established now.


Washers - Thermal Disinfection

The design, installation and operating requirements for animal house washers should take into account various changing constraints.