What's Next? Unfinished Business for Lab Animal Care Webinar

Dr. Steve Niemi, Attending Veterinarian and Director of the Animal Science Center at Boston University, takes a brief look back on how far we’ve come in lab animal husbandry and medicine. Watch now →


Current Practices for the Use of Analgesics in Laboratory Animal Medicine Webinar

Presented by
Hilton Klein, VMD, MS

Dr. Hilton Klein, Laboratory Animal Medicine Consultant, will explore preoperative and postoperative modalities for pain management with a focus on rodents and nonhuman primates. Moderated by Dr. Cindy Buckmaster, this session will address both animal and researcher perspectives across key areas.

Collaborating with You to Advance the 3Rs Webinar

Presented by
Dr. Megan R. LaFollette, MS, PhD

Scientific research is committed to forward progress. One key aspect of this forward progress is via the implementation of the 3Rs (refinement, reduction, and replacement) which are a key part of humane animal research and quality science. However, widespread implementation of 3Rs practices can be challenging especially when working independently.

Did That Really Happen - Perspectives from a Pioneer in LAS Webinar

Presented by
Dr. Norm Guilloud

In this webinar, Dr. Norman Guilloud will share highlights of his distinguished 60-year laboratory animal science career that are certain to surprise and intrigue. He is a pioneer of laboratory animal science, being the first ever Attending Veterinarian at several renowned institutions. Having watched our field change in remarkable ways firsthand, Dr. Guilloud will provide perspectives on how our care and use of animals has evolved and will answer attendee questions on how his vast knowledge can be applied to challenges we face today.

Challenges Facing NHP Supply Chain Webinar

Presented by
Matt Bailey
Dr. Chris Abee

Non-human primates play a critical role in biomedical research, as most recently demonstrated by their use in the development of COVID vaccines and treatments. Ongoing supply shortages, however, continue to threaten their availability and – by extension – the important research in which they are involved. Allentown partners with Matt Bailey, President of NABR and FBR, and Dr. Chris Abee, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, to discuss the reasons for these shortages, the impact they are having on research, and the potential solutions for how they can be addressed.

Coming Clean On Sterilization Webinar

Presented by
Cindy Buckmaster
Wayne DeSantis

The sterilization of cages, cage components, and associated vivarium equipment has long been an integral part of lab animal research protocols. Yet many factors and questions remain. For this webinar, Allentown partners with industry thought-leader Cindy Buckmaster for a review of sterilization best practices, followed by a sterilizer selection and integration discussion with Wayne DeSantis.

The Value of Enrichment

Presented by
Dr. Tim Mandrell

The provision of enrichment to the rodent housing environment is an important component of animal husbandry. Allentown recently partnered with board certified laboratory animal veterinarian, Dr. Tim Mandrell, to present a webinar detailing how enrichment can improve the living conditions of laboratory animals and provide them with opportunities to behave in ways that are specific to their species.

It's What's Inside That Counts Webinar

Presented by
Matthew Ruiter
Steve Miller, PE

Laboratory Animal Science professionals across the globe know that successful research is dependent upon knowledge and precision. The more precise the knowledge the better, especially when it comes to rodent behavior and the microenvironment of the cage, where visibility into specific conditions and animal activities can be especially difficult to obtain. Researchers seek this knowledge in order to minimize variables and manage risk, and therefore produce greater and more reliable research outcomes. This month, Allentown spotlights Unified Information Devices (UID), a leading provider of RFID identification and data collection solutions, in a webinar focused on their home cage monitoring solution, Allentown's Wi-Com InSight intra-cage monitoring solution, and other methodologies that can be used to obtain this valuable information.

The Power of Listening Webinar

Presented by:
Steven M. Niemi, DVM, DACLAM

Robert Gately famously said that "Effective communication starts with listening." And nowhere is the application of this precept more important than in the global debate over the necessity and value of research animals. In this webinar noted Laboratory Animal Science professional Steven M. Niemi, DVM, DACLAM will discuss how the two sides of this debate can better learn how to listen to one another and, if not agree, then perhaps come to an understanding of their divergent, yet equally held beliefs.

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