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Tablet Based Blower Control PLUS
IVC Rack Monitoring!


WiVarium Plus is Allentown's latest iPad / Tablet app that improves upon the functionality of its predecessor, WiVarium, by adding wireless IVC rack monitoring capabilities to an already robust list of features and benefits. WiVarium Plus allows users to monitor the full range of parameters and conditions necessary for the effective maintenance and success of your facility - all from your iPad or Tablet, and all from most anywhere in the world!


Like WiVarium, WiVarium Plus does not require a touchscreen in order to monitor and control blowers, but will work with all current-generation EcoFlo blowers, even those that have a touchscreen. Utilizing WiFi or Bluetooth technology, WiVarium Plus can wirelessly communicate with some, or even all, of your blowers from a single iPad or Tablet.


Alarm notifications in WiVarium Plus are robust, easy to configure, and can alert users through email or text message at anytime, to most anywhere. Now, users can be sure that alarms are addressed quickly and effectively, before the animals or the research have been irreparably impacted.


WiVarium Plus combines an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with a 14-day device-based repository. This gives users the ability to remotely monitor research animal housing parameters, record and review collected data, generate reports, and set levels for automated alarm broadcasts via e-mail and text message.


Tablets have apps for almost everything: surfing the web, taking a picture, sending a text or an email...With a WiVarium Plus-enabled tablet in your facility, you can now take advantage of all this cool, useful functionality right where you need it most - in the vivarium! Today, you're controlling your blowers, who knows what you'll be able to do tomorrow? With a WiVarium Plus-enabled tablet, the possibilities are endless!

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