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Wireless IVC Rack Monitoring System


Wi-Com Vantage allows users to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, air changes - or ACH, filter status, IVC pressure, blower status and alarm status. Essentially, the full range of parameters and conditions necessary for the effective maintenance and success of your facility. And it does it wirelessly! With all the convenience and security of tried and true WiFi or Bluetooth technology.


Wi-Com Vantage combines an intuitive, easy-to-use software interface with a robust, central data repository. This gives users the ability to remotely monitor research animal housing parameters, record and manage collected data, generate custom and/or pre-configured reports, and set levels for automated alarm broadcasts via e-mail and text message.


Alarm notifications in Wi-Com Vantage are robust, easy to configure, and can alert users through email or text message anywhere, anytime. With the fail-safe redundancy of multiple responders, user can be sure that alarms are addressed quickly and effectively, before the animals or the research have been irreparably impacted.


At home or at your facility, by the pool or at the ski lodge - as long as there's WiFi available, Wi-Com Vantage can find you! Now you can stay connected with your animals and your research 24/7, with email or text alerts generated automatically by the Wi-Com Vantage system. And, should you actually want to enjoy your vacation and NOT be bothered, Vantage can still provide you with peace of mind through the fail-safe redundancy of multiple responders, allowing someone else to respond to that alert so that you don't have to.


EcoFlo Exhaust Blower (NexGen)
EcoFlo Supply Blower (WiVarium / Blue)
EcoFlo Supply Blower (NexGen / WiVarium)
EcoFlo Supply Blower (NexGen / WiVarium)
EcoFlo Exhaust Blower (Blue)
Wi-Com Vantage Screenshot: Rack Maintenance Screen

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