EasyCage® MAX

High Density Mouse

The EasyCage is a disposable, recyclable, retrofittable caging option that works in conjunction with Allentown's NexGen Mouse IVCs now providing up to 20% more cage capacity in the same rack footprint.

  • 20% greater cage density within same rack footprint
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Flexibility – reusable or disposable high density on the same rack
  • Low vibration spares animals and staff from discomfort
What makes EasyCage better?

More Room. In the Same Room.

With the cost of floor space increasing with each passing year, every research facility in the Lab Animal Science industry understands the need to maximize cage density within their vivarium. Enter EasyCage® MAX and NexGen MAX, the new Maximum Density IVC and Cage Systems from Allentown that increases cage density by 20% - using IVCs that are the same size and occupy the same footprint as our standard units. Available with automatic watering, or with optional bottle, MAX IVCs accommodate both the EasyCage MAX disposable cage system AND the NexGen MAX reusable cage system. One rack, two cage types, many, many more cages. Just what you'd expect from a Solutions Provider.


One finger. That's all you need to dock an EasyCage. EasyCage is the smoothest, most ergonomic solution on the market today. How much more ergonomic? A recent independent ergonomic study proved EasyCage requires 96% less force to undock, and 80% less force to dock cages than a competitive system.

Two Cages, One Rack

Disposable is a viable solution for some facilities, but do you want to lock in forever? Knowing how things change over time, wouldn't it be great to have the flexibility to use disposable caging and reusable caging in the same rack? Welcome to EasyCage.

Peace of Mind

For over 50 years. That is how long Allentown has been providing innovative, long lasting animal housing solutions. Our solutions provide for the well being of the animal, care staff and researcher, and meet and exceed operational standards for facility operators. Micro to macro, Allentown is the partner that you can trust.

Standard Cage System
7.562 in x 5.675 in x 16.333 in
192 mm x 144 mm x 415 mm
Floor space: 77.5 in² | 500 cm²


250 mL
.75 lbs | 340 g (filled)
Item # 231307-1
(Empty bottle option available
Item # 231307-4-R | .05 lbs | 23 g)


External Hybrid Lid
7.562 in x 1.895 in x 16.633 in | .25 lbs
192 mm x 48 mm x 422 mm | 113 g
Micro Barrier Lid
7.562 in x 1.895 in x 16.633 in | .25 lbs
192 mm x 48 mm x 422 mm | 113 g


Accommodates 3 in x 5 in | .05 lbs | 23 g
Item # 228539-V

WBL / Feeder

Half Pocket Wire Bar Lid
Food capacity: 1.00 lbs | 454 g
6.895 in x 2.966 in x 9.397 in | .48 lbs
175 mm x 75 mm x 239 mm | 218 g
Item #: 414085
Plastic Feeder with Aluminum Grate
Food capacity: 1.0 lbs | 454 g
6.946 in x 2.875 in x 3.249 in | .10 lbs
176 mm x 73 mm x 83 mm | 45 g
Item #: 316048-R
Feeder Cover Plate
5.875 in x .272 in x 3.310 in | .13 lbs
149 mm x 7 mm x 84 mm | 59 g
Item #: 230539
Aluminum Feeder
Food capacity: 1.0 lbs | 454 g
6.925 in x 2.890 in x 3.183 in | .08 lbs
176 mm x 73 mm x 81 mm | 36 g
Item #: 230306-R


ALPHA-dri® or ¼-in Corn Cob


Automatic watering available
7.563 in x 4.052 in x 16.324 in | .30 lbs
192 mm x 103 mm x 415 mm | 136 g
Item # 125908-R

All dimensions shown (Width x Height x Depth)

Airflow Solutions

Industry leading airflow solutions.

The EcoFlo family of blowers are the most energy efficient, ergonomically friendly, and quietest blowers we've ever produced. Offered in a wide variety of solution friendly configurations - including rack mounted, wall mounted, ceiling mounted and free-standing tower - these blowers share the same efficiencies, ease of use, superior control, and dependability that are the hallmarks of all Allentown products.

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The difference is in the details. Take a closer look.

With more than 50 years worth of experience and expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing, Allentown solutions are not only crafted to perfection, they are also meticulously documented to provide users with all of the information needed to maximize their value. Take a closer look by downloading the data sheet.

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