How Can We Serve You, Better?

Since our inception, everything we’ve done has been driven by the answer to a simple question, “How can we serve you?” The answers to that question set Allentown’s course over the past 55 years, driving us to innovate, to care, to partner and to provide you with solutions to further discovery that improves everyday lives.

Now, in our next phase of growth we have a new question that will guide us, “How can we serve you, better?”

Our goal is to responsibly grow our presence in the laboratory animal science and biomedical research communities and provide you with even better services, better solutions, better options, better products and all delivered the trusted Allentown way. You and your research will benefit from the peace of mind working with Allentown brings with an expanded offering of innovative, reliable, affordable, and best-in-class solutions for your research.

BetterBuilt, an Allentown Company

The similarities between BetterBuilt and Allentown are almost too lengthy to list, a better partnership would be difficult to find. Two companies known for their integrity. Two companies successful for decades and known as providers of innovative, lasting solutions, all backed by renowned customer service. Two companies that chose to serve the life science industry knowing that there are few causes as important as scientific discovery that improves everyday lives.

In a world with many uncertainties, Allentown’s acquisition of BetterBuilt brings a renewed sense of stability and trust. You can depend upon this solid foundation of solutions stemming from a customer-first approach and an unmatched commitment to quality that has withstood the test of time, and which will only get better.

The only provider in the USA that can offer housing, sterilization and washing.

How will it work?

BetterBuilt will operate the same way that enabled them to provide you with world class solutions and support for your institution. Same leadership, products, sales and service professionals, engineering, design... all the things that have made BetterBuilt a world class organization will remain the same. You may see the addition of the Allentown brand to products and services, but what you have come to love about working with BetterBuilt will not change, and over time will only become even better.

About Allentown

For those who may not know us our story begins in 1968 when our founder, Michael A. Coiro Sr. opened a small factory in Allentown, New Jersey, during a boom period for science industries. Originally trained in the artful technology of stainless steel, he soon experienced first-hand how vital advances in biomedicine can be, thanks to the innovative life-saving care that his wife – and business partner – Dorothy received at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Michael exited that experience with a keen awareness of what was at stake, and a passionate inspiration to contribute to the scientific mission. He poured care, dedication and compassion into an operation which evolved into a state-of-the-art world-class organization, and that earned the trust and respect of renowned biomedical research facilities around the globe. Click here for the rest of Our Story.

BetterBuilt Product Overview

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