Allentown LLC Announces the Acquisition of BetterBuilt

Allentown is pleased to announce the acquisition of BetterBuilt. Allentown (, a leading global provider of life science solutions, under guidance and ownership by Aterian Investment Partners (, a private equity firm that invests in industry-leading, middle market businesses, has acquired BetterBuilt to further expand Allentown’s footprint in the global biomedical research and life science markets.

John Coiro, CEO of Allentown stated, “With our customer-first approach we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. The BetterBuilt acquisition and the strength of their brand, products and services will allow us to be more of a single point resource for our customers, streamlining their procurement processes and giving them peace of mind knowing they will receive an unmatched level of service and quality products that have become synonymous with our company.” Dane Kmetz, Director of Corporate Development, added, “The acquisition of BetterBuilt represents a key step in executing on our M&A strategy. We continue to view Allentown as the acquiror of choice for best-in-class companies across the biomedical research industry and look forward to continued collaboration with owners and management teams seeking a strategic partner to help fuel growth.”

BetterBuilt began in the 1950s and has grown to be the premier provider of washing, automation, and related service to the biomedical research industry. BetterBuilt’s President, Harry Lim, added, “We are thrilled to be part of the Allentown family. A better partnership would be hard to find. Two companies known for their integrity. Two companies successful for decades and known as providers of innovative solutions that last and that are backed by renowned customer service. Two companies that chose to serve the life science industry knowing the importance of scientific discovery and improving lives.”

With the acquisition of BetterBuilt, Allentown will be able to supply the life science community with housing, washing and sterilization products, consolidating customer procurement processes and growing the number of innovative solutions Allentown has to offer.

Brandon Bethea, Co-Founder and Partner of Aterian, and Daniel Phan, Managing Director add, “We are very excited about our acquisition of BetterBuilt, as it is one more opportunity to further grow Allentown’s brand position as the global leader in the biomedical research and life sciences equipment and services space. Allentown’s long history of innovation, care and integrity serves as the perfect foundation for responsible growth through organic means and acquisitions. And most importantly, this acquisition allows them to serve the life science community in ever-expanding ways. This is the first of many planned strategic acquisitions for our Allentown platform as we continue to expand this platform across the life sciences market.”

About Aterian Investment Partners
Aterian Investment Partners manages approximately $1.5 billion of committed capital and invests in industry-leading, middle market businesses. In collaboration with management, Aterian supports investments throughout an organization, from people to processes, equipment, technology, and social governance, among other areas.
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About Allentown
Allentown is a leading global provider in Life Science solutions. In over 55 years of operation, dedicated exclusively to the life science industry, they are proud to have played their part in heroic research that continues to save lives around the world every day. Allentown earns the highest trust of the biomedical research community by providing critical services with integrity and care. Their success is based on precision-engineering of equipment that lasts longer and performs more efficiently, and accurately; on a corporate culture that focuses on personal service and delivering peace of mind to their customers; and on lasting relationships with leading institutions that enable Allentown to influence and accommodate new trends in biomedical research and life sciences.
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About BetterBuilt
BetterBuilt began in the 1950s in New York manufacturing industrial washers. The company quickly developed a strong reputation for quality, durability, and trust within the scientific community over the years. Today, BetterBuilt continues to manufacture the high-quality and reliable BetterBuilt line of washers and has expanded the original product line to include Activ, Sure-Flo and Sure-Vac. The current BetterBuilt product line offers powerful yet easy-to-use controls, durable non-proprietary components, and numerous options to meet today’s expectations of fast cycles and low-utility consumption. Their modern manufacturing facility is located in Western Canada, and we distribute our products globally.
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