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Decontamination Chambers


Available for free standing or wall-to-wall installation, and in one- or two-door configurations, the DC-05/DC-15 Decontamination Chambers from Allentown are designed to accommodate racks, blowers and change stations, as well as miscellaneous electronics. Available options include VHP capability with a single or dual catalyzer and chemical fogging (DC-15 only).
Features & Benefits
  • Available for free standing (DC-15) or wall to wall (DC-05) installation
  • One- and two-door solutions
  • Designed to accommodate racks, IVC blowers, change stations, and miscellaneous electronics
  • Optional VHP capability using either on-board generator and catalyzer or external generator
  • Chemical fogging option (available on the DC-15)
  • Clean and dirty side air sampling and monitoring
  • PLC and touch screen controls
  • Overall dimensions:
    DC-05 - 2555mm x 1800mm x 2600mm h
    DC-15 - 2555mm x 1950mm x 2403mm h
  • Chamber dimensions:
    DC-05 - 1200mm x 2268mm x 2100mm h
    DC-15 - 1350mm x 2268mm x 2250mm h

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