TW-85 / 95

Tunnel Washers

Modularity for Flexible Configurations
Available with two different belt widths and with steam or electric heating, the overall modularity of the TW-85 / 95 Tunnel Washer series from Allentown provides for flexible configurations, the ability to process a wide variety of housing and lab equipment types and the capacity to work with or without automation.

Features and Benefits
  • Available in 770 mm / 30.31 in and 1050 mm / 41.34 in belt widths
  • Steam or electric heating
  • Flexible design options built from modules - Load, Pre-wash, Wash, Pre-rinse, Pre-Rinse/Rinse, Heated Air Blowing, Heated Air Blowing/Drying, Unload
  • Suitable for manual or automated applications
  • Ability to process rodent caging, bottles and miscellaneous items
  • Insulated body to ensure low noise level and reduce heat loss
  • Window access doors on wash and rinse modules for visual inspection and ease of maintenance
  • Removable stainless mesh chamber filters in washing module, as well as cylindrical pump filters in pre-wash and wash modules
  • Touchscreen with PLC controls on clean and dirty sides
  • Overall Dimensions:
    • TW-85 – 1270 W x 2650 H x 10000* L (mm) | 50.00 W x 104.33 H x 393.70* L (in)
    • TW-95 – 1500 W x 2650 H x 10000* L (mm) | 61.02 W x 104.33 H x 393.70* L (in)

* Length of the tunnel washer varies based on which modules are chosen

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