Home Cage Monitoring


Our new Home Cage Monitoring Mini-Rack is the perfect solution if you’re curious about digital IVC monitoring but are overwhelmed by its notoriously high prices. The Mini-Rack offers flexibility in size, scale, and affordability by allowing you to select up to nine plates or as few as one. This way, you don’t have to make a costly investment upfront to reap the many benefits of Home Cage Monitoring. With the Mini-Rack, you have the freedom to start small now and expand later.

  • Holds NexGen™ and EasyCage® mouse systems –
    maximum nine cages
  • Airflow provided by Allentown combo blower
  • Available with optional automatic watering
  • 10 minute battery backup
Benefits of Home Cage Monitoring

Improve Animal Well-Being

  • Reduce handling animals
  • Monitor temperature and other biomarkers non-invasively
  • Receive alerts for critical health indicators

Remote and Continuous Monitoring in Real-Time

  • Undisturbed rodent behavior
  • Accurate measurement of progressive behavioral changes in individual rodents over time
  • Detect early disease onset and measure disease progression

Automated Data Collection Without Human Interference

  • Reduces inherent human errors in manual data entry
  • Eliminates experimenter bias
  • Increases accuracy, reproducibility, and objectivity
  • Evaluate rodent social interactions and home-cage behavior without human interference
Convenient and Easy to Use

Insert Transponder

Simply insert the small transponder into each mouse and place them back in their cages. The UID Temperature-sensing microchip provides mouse tracking capabilities and reliable temperature within ±0.1° C accuracy.

Place Animals in the Mini-Rack

Slide the UID Matrix reader plate into the corresponding slot of the Allentown IVC rack for continuous (24/7) and undisturbed tracking of the animals’ temperature and activity. The Matrix reader actively scans the cage for the presence of any microchip within range. Once detected, the microchip sends relevant data (animal ID, temperature, location, time/date) to the data collection software.

Collect Data

The Matrix Software collects and records data from the Matrix plates (24/7) as often as every 100–250 milliseconds. The program automatically stores this data, which you can access remotely for further analysis.

The system can monitor group-housed mice in a completely undisturbed setting.

Valuable research data can be collected automatically in real-time (24/7), even during inactivity phases. In addition to removing experimenter bias, the UID Mouse Matrix can help improve study outcomes by permitting frequent and accurate measurements of progressive behavioral and physiological changes over time in the same animal.

Integration of UID Mouse Matrix Technology with Allentown's state-of-the-art rodent housing systems enables high throughput data collection and remote monitoring capabilities from high-density IVC rack systems.

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