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Housing from Allentown


For close to 30 years Allentown has been refining its design and manufacturing process to make certain Allentown IVC units are the most durable and long lasting on the market today. With over 20,000 IVC units in the field the proof is in our performance, longevity and value. From materials to craftsmanship...design to testing...delivery to field service...we stand behind the performance and durability of each and every Allentown IVC unit.


Air introduced and diffused at the cage level provides a scientifically proven and documented low velocity wash, keeping the bedding dryer longer, and preventing large amounts of ammonia from being created. Clean HEPA filtered air is supplied while the naturally heated air rises and is exhausted at the top of the cage. Using a little common sense and following the laws of convection the Allentown Air Flow System was born...proven safe and reliable by science...and millions of successfully housed animals over the past 30 years.


Utilizing As Little As 0.15 Watts Per Cage
The EcoFlo Family of Blowers from Allentown are the most energy efficient, ergonomically friendly, and quietest blowers we've ever produced. Offered in a wide variety of solution friendly configurations - including rack mounted, wall mounted, ceiling mounted and free-standing tower - these blowers from the Allentown family of products share the same efficiencies, ease of use, superior control, and dependability that are the hallmarks of all Allentown products. For more information click here.


No matter what the species Allentown has the properly sized caging for your research needs. We've been supplying housing to the laboratory animal science industry for more than 50 years, and have developed a wide variety of caging sizes and own many, many proprietary molds. No matter the species, Allentown will have a housing solution for you.

Click here to learn about the chemical resistance of the medical-grade specialty polymers used in our caging.

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