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Quality Policy

Our Mission
Allentown's longevity can be attributed to its unsurpassed business integrity and putting the needs of their customers first. This corporate culture, and partnership with its customers, has allowed Allentown to provide the expertly designed, well-built and longest lasting housing solutions to the Laboratory Animal Science community.

In Europe the activity is carried out by:
Commercialisation and Service for housing systems for laboratory animals.

Our Goal
To ensure product quality, maintain a leading position in the market and achieve satisfaction and customer loyalty, Allentown has focused its activities to achieve the following objectives:

  • guarantee the customer the highest product quality and timely delivery;
  • develop services designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the customer;
  • support qualified business partners that can work fully independently and responsibly.

Our commitments
In carrying out the mission and the achievement of our goals, Allentown undertakes:

  • to keep the company in a suitable economic structure through effective management costs / revenues and an adequate assessment of the risks of failure
  • to make the entire organisation aware of customer needs
  • to maintain control of the market and monitor the competition (price, quality of the product technology, innovations)
  • to encourage the spirit of initiative, promote professional growth and ensure successful and profitable professional relationships
  • to ensure the continued professional development of personnel with adequate internal training
  • to diffuse a culture within the organisation, and appropriate systems, so that all employees can consistently provide the highest levels of customer service
  • to carry out an annual management review of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, as required by the Manual, with evaluation of the results obtained and the identification of areas of possible improvement.

To comply with this policy, Allentown undertakes, with all its business partners, to respect the principles and rules described in the Quality System Manual.

Director European Operations
M. Mobarek

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