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Maximum Density IVC

With the cost of floor space increasing with each passing year, every research facility in the Lab Animal Science industry understands the need to maximize cage density within their vivarium. Enter EasyCage® MAX and NexGen MAX, the new Maximum Density IVC and Cage Systems from Allentown that increases cage density by 20% - using IVCs that are the same size and occupy the same footprint as our standard units! Available with automatic watering, or with optional bottle, MAX IVCs accommodate both the EasyCage MAX disposable cage system AND the NexGen MAX reusable cage system. One rack, two cage types, many, many more cages! Just what you’d expect from a Solutions Provider!

Rack System

  • Available capacities: 72, 84, 96, 144, 168, 192
  • 304 stainless steel, welded frame construction
  • Positive or negative air controlled rack
  • Polysulfone cage support runners with docking indicator
  • Single finger docking with auto-locking feature
  • Horizontal airflow manifolds with tethered dual plastic end caps for ease of cleaning
  • 4 in / 102 mm diameter vertical supply and exhaust plenums with back and bottom door access
  • Compatible with all EcoFlo blowers, all Wi-Com Facility Support Solutions, and the Sentinel™ EAD® Health Monitoring system
  • Accommodates both NexGen disposable and NexGen reusable cage systems

EasyCage MAX
Cage System

  • All components are recyclable
  • 3 mechanically-affixed filters on the lid and the base
  • Floor area of 77.5 in² / 500 cm²
  • Pre-bedding: NestPak® ALPHA-dri® or ¼" Corn cob
  • Components delivered decontaminated and ready to use
  • Available with automatic watering or optional bottle

NexGen MAX
Cage System

  • Components made from clear polysulfone plastic
  • Floor area of 81 in² / 523 cm²
  • Gasketed cage lid ensures safety and protection from damage
  • Clear cage and flip-up/stay-up cardholders improve observations
  • Available with automatic watering or optional bottle


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