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Long Lasting, Multi-Purpose Housing.


Not only is the improved Euro Rabbit rack lighter and easier to work with, it includes new innovative features that make it extremely convenient for animal care staff to operate. The new loft/shelter design, coupled with advanced engineering, allows the user to insert or remove the rabbit cage without having to touch the loft/shelter. Customers can select either washable OR autoclavable plastic cages and pans. The center divider is now also one-hand-operable with a gravity lock to ensure proper security.


Developed to help control dust and dander, these negative containment units have been used successfully in a wide array of research applications. Allentown has moved to an improved plastic molding process that not only allows for lower costs to be passed along to our customers, but provides for the selection of optional cage materials. Customers can select either washable OR autoclavable plastic cages and pans. Additional value-engineering substantially reduced the amount of stainless steel parts within the cage area, creating a more open housing environment and increasing visibility. The new door design also increases visibility by providing a much larger viewing window.


With the recent increase of the use of ferrets in biomedical research, many of our customers were placed in the difficult position of having to house ferrets in housing designed for other species. Hearing requests for a better housing solution, Allentown developed the Ferret IVC. Based on years of IVC expertise and proven air-flow delivery methods, the Allentown IVC Ferret housing unit provides an innovative and reliable ferret housing solution that will perform for many years to come.


The NexGen 1800 cage is so easy and flexible that it can accommodate ferrets as well as rats! Ask your local sales representative about the optional cage components needed to make this happen.

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medical-grade specialty polymers used in our caging.

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