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We're the first to incorporate ECM Motor Technology into Individually Ventilated Caging air delivery systems...and we did it to provide you with a better, more reliable and more affordable blower system for your facility and your research. ECM allows for precise air-flow control, less heat generation, less noise and less energy...meaning more for your research, more room in your budget...and more piece of mind.


Our engineers worked hard to improve upon our industry leading SB blower series...and their innovative designs led to the most energy efficient blower we have ever made. The heart of the EcoFlo system is the ECM blower technology, which allows for precise and reliable air delivery using only a fraction of the amount of energy that some blowers on the market use today. How little? How about less than a light bulb? How about some systems using less than .15 watts per cage slot? Now that's efficient.


Not only are EcoFlo blowers, the quietest, most energy efficient blowers in the industry, they're also the most flexible! EcoFlo blowers can be monitored and controlled from either a software driven touchscreen installed on every supply blower or tower, or an iPad or Tablet that can control multiple blowers using an app called WiVarium. Both options are included in the cost of the blower, and with WiVarium, the cost is even lower!

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