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Trinity's Center for the Sciences & Innovation (CSI)

Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas is one of the nation's top private liberal arts universities. The University is known for its stimulating, resourceful, and collaborative environment - in the classroom, on campus, and around the world.

Trinity also boasts a vibrant research program, housed in Trinity's Center for the Sciences & Innovation, or CSI. This new, state-of-the-art, five story building features classrooms and labs outfitted with new equipment, including IVCs provided by Allentown.

David Lopez is Lab Supervisor in Biology and Animal Care Facilities at the CSI and recently had this to say about Allentown IVCs and the company itself:

"Since the beginning of my employment at Trinity University, Allentown and its representatives have been very helpful to my understanding of the animal research field. Prior to my employment at Trinity, I had little knowledge in the field. The Lunch and Learn seminar helped me understand and appreciate the effectiveness of the IVC racks, which I had never seen! At this learning seminar I met two individuals who were very helpful and patient with my needs. Chip Ahrens and Scott Hoy understood my needs and how the program at Trinity had a long way to go. They kept in touch with me even though my purchase plans were several years away. Then came the icing on the cake!

When Kelly came on board, we instantly hit it off. She was this amazing individual with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Like the gentlemen before her, she made me feel like I was a priority. No matter how small our program was, she never hesitated to call, always giving me advice and extending her hand. When the time finally arrived to expand our program, Kelly and Scott were there to lend a hand. They never hesitated or wavered when I had questions, and boy did I have questions! I was determined to do the right thing for my employer and they understood this.

Allentown allowed me to travel to New Jersey to view, first hand, their manufacturing facilities and meet the people that make Allentown a great company. Everyone was extremely nice and made me feel most welcome. Throughout the entire process of planning and equipping our new facility, the Allentown community was very helpful. From resizing the racks to fit our ceilings to making sure we customized the racks to suit our needs, Allentown worked with me to ensure everything was done right. Not only did this help ensure the equipment fit but also made me look good to my employer. Allentown really helped to make this new facility functional but it also helped improve our research capabilities. The quality of your products also helps with maintenance costs. They are very durable and easy to use.

Lastly, Allentown and its representatives always make me feel like family. It is a wonderful feeling when a company has your needs in mind. Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. It is rare to find this in a company. Trinity is a small university with minimal resources but this did not turn Allentown away. You guys were there from the beginning! It has truly been my pleasure working with you guys and I look forward to working with you in the future."

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