Allentown LLC Announces the Acquisition of ClorDiSys

Allentown (, a leading provider of life science solutions has acquired ClorDiSys to further expand Allentown’s footprint in the global biomedical research and life science markets.

Charles Simmons, CEO of Allentown stated, “In pursuing our strategy to provide a full spectrum of high-science equipment, consumables and services to our trusted biomedical research customers and broadening our offerings and scientific services into adjacent life science industries, we’re thrilled when we find a leading organization that can help us pursue our goals. ClorDiSys is that type of company, offering innovative and effective decontamination solutions with integrity and care, perfectly aligned with our cause to improve science and lifesaving research.” Dane Kmetz, Vice President of M&A and Business Development, added, "Acquiring best-in-class companies with high performing teams and customer-centric solutions continues to be the focal point of our growth strategy. We welcome ClorDiSys to the Allentown family and look forward to expanding the reach of their mission-critical products and services.”

ClorDiSys is a family-owned and operated company that began in 2001 as a decontamination equipment provider but quickly added surface-top disinfection products, as well as on-site decontamination services to its portfolio to better address customer challenges. Since that time ClorDiSys has provided decontamination solutions to customers around the world and across many industries, and much like Allentown’s path over the past 55 years, their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality have allowed them to become a market leader.

Paul Lorcheim, Director and Co-Founder of ClorDiSys added, “Being acquired by Allentown is exactly what we needed to broaden our reach and make our services available to many more research institutions and adjacent industries. We want to lead the world and be the catalyst of driving a better and healthier process and shift away from Ethylene Oxide (EtO) for medical device sterilization and into ClorDiSys’ chlorine dioxide gas sterilization technology. ClorDiSys is quickly expanding into the medical device sterilization market, tripling the number of locations utilizing our technology in the last year alone. Unlike EtO, our process is more efficient, non-carcinogenic, non-explosive and greatly reduces the impact on the environment.”

With the acquisition of ClorDiSys Allentown will add decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization services to its solution offerings. This new capability will help close the loop on crucial vivarium services already provided by Allentown, allowing for the decontamination and recommissioning of essential research equipment back into service. This holistic approach will offer customers peace of mind and ease of interaction with one solutions provider, consolidating customer procurement processes and increasing the number of innovative solutions Allentown has to offer.

This acquisition is also in line with Allentown’s commitment to innovation and an expansion of scientific service offerings for the vivarium and broader life science markets.

About Allentown
Allentown is a leading global provider in Life Science solutions. In over 55 years of operation, dedicated exclusively to the life science industry, they are proud to have played their part in heroic research that continues to improve lives around the world every day. Allentown earns the highest trust of the biomedical research community by providing critical services with integrity and care. Their success is based on precision-engineering of quality equipment that lasts longer and performs more efficiently, and accurately; on a corporate culture that focuses on trust and delivering peace of mind to their customers; and on lasting relationships with leading institutions that enable Allentown to influence and accommodate new trends in biomedical research and life sciences.
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About ClorDiSys
ClorDiSys was founded in 2001 by two ex-Johnson & Johnson employees and was originally focused solely on the manufacturing of Chlorine Dioxide gas equipment. Based on feedback from its customers, the company quickly innovated and expanded into adjacent offerings including value-added services and consumable products. Today, ClorDiSys is a premier provider of mission-critical, Chlorine Dioxide-based decontamination, disinfection and sterilization solutions for a variety of end markets including life sciences, healthcare and medical devices. Located in central New Jersey, the company has grown to provide best-in-class service to customers around the globe while maintaining the core set of values that have allowed it to thrive over the past 20+ years.
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