The Use of Performance Standards in the AAALAC Accreditation Process Webinar

Across the world, all pieces of legislation include specific requirements on animal care and use program areas. When these requirements are rigid and measurable, they’re called engineering standards (e.g., minimum cage dimensions).

In contrast, performance standards focus on the outcome of a process rather than on the process used to achieve that outcome. For this approach to be successful and effective, the desired outcome must be defined in advance, and a system implemented, to periodically evaluate that this outcome is satisfactorily achieved.

In an environment with diverse legal international requirements, the performance-based approach has been successfully implemented not only to evaluate all animal care and use areas for a long time by AAALAC International, but also by institutions to implement effective procedures in the animal program.

In this session, the use of performance standards by AAALAC International and institutional animal care and use programs, in general, will be discussed, as an example to follow for professionals and institutions participating in the AAALAC accreditation program or just willing to implement effective practices.