Collaborating with You to Advance the 3Rs Webinar

Scientific research is committed to forward progress. One key aspect of this forward progress is via the implementation of the 3Rs (refinement, reduction, and replacement) which are a key part of humane animal research and quality science. However, widespread implementation of 3Rs practices can be challenging especially when working independently.

The North American 3Rs Collaborative is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance science, innovation, and research animal welfare through collaborative 3Rs initiatives. Its strategy is to identify and promote 3Rs techniques that have strong evidence, big impact, and real-world practicality.

All of the NA3RsC initiatives focus on learning from and collaborating with experts across industry, academia, and government. Join NA3RsC Program Manager, Dr. Megan R. LaFollette, for this session where she will explore the group’s current initiatives focused on key 3Rs techniques that you can make work for your research environment—such as replacement of live sentinel rodents with environmental health monitoring, refined handling of mice via tunnels, microphysiological systems, translational digital biomarkers, compassion fatigue resiliency, and creation of a 3Rs certification course.