Reproducibility Of Animal Studies Webinar

Frequent failure of clinical trials based on preclinical findings raises questions about the translational value of animal models. However, estimating the predictive validity of animal models is hindered by most ‘positive results’ being a consequence of methodological failures and uncontrolled biases, rather than treatment effects.

The problem was identified several years ago, to the point that it is now common knowledge, in the scientific community. Yet, little progress has actually been achieved in the methodological quality of published animal research.

This session will cover the possible reasons behind this inertia to change, as well as the consequences of failing to address it, and possible solutions.

About the Speaker: Nuno Henrique Franco has degrees in both Animal Biology and Science Education, and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. He is a Researcher at i3S, University of Porto (Portugal), on the topics of laboratory animal welfare, animal ethics and the 3Rs, and scientific quality. Nuno is Vice-President of the Portuguese Society for Laboratory Animal Science (SPCAL) and President of the EU Education and Training Platform for Laboratory Animal Science (ETPLAS). He sits on the i3S Animal Welfare Body and coordinates the Portuguese Network of Animal Welfare Bodies (RedeORBEA).