Corynebacterium bovis: New Insights, Extraordinary Challenges Webinar

Corynebacterium bovis (Cb), the etiology of "Corynebacterium-associated hyperkeratosis (CAH)", is an insidious organism that has and continues to pose significant challenges to institutions using immunodeficient mouse models in oncology and other scientific disciplines.

As the use of these models continues to expand, the problems associated with Cb infections are of even greater importance. Cb is highly infectious and once present in a vivarium is extraordinarily challenging to eradicate. Its introduction almost always leads to enzootic infections that require intensive husbandry and clinical management to control and, in rare cases, eradicate from colonies. Despite the associated scourge and years of challenges, our understanding of the biology of the bacterium and the associated disease remains limited.

This presentation will provide a review of past studies that have, at least in part, characterized the biology of the bacterium, as well as recent studies which reveal that there are genetic differences among isolates that significantly impact the bacterium’s infectiousness and virulence.