Disaster, Contingency, and Business Recovery Planning for Animal Facility Cage Wash Operations Webinar

Cage wash is one of the key functions of an animal facility and should therefore be considered in disaster preparedness and business recovery plans. Since most facilities routinely tolerate 2-3 day cage wash outages (for example, during holiday weekends), this session will focus on strategic planning for longer-term disasters and will include interactive components.

Nirah H. Shomer, DVM, PhD, DACLAM, Associate Vice Chancellor for Veterinary Affairs and Director of the Division of Comparative Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis, will cover planning and preparation for different types of disasters such as physical damage from fire, explosion, flood, and equipment failure; loss of utilities including electricity, water, steam, and supply chain for waste removal; supply shortages and outages encompassing detergent, feed, bedding, and other supplies; and, personnel shortages due to epidemics, civil unrest, labor action, and weather-related travel restrictions.