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Of Mice and Humans: Elevating Laboratory Mouse Welfare for Robust Behavioral Experimentation

This session will offer a comprehensive exploration of animal welfare within laboratory settings, with a specific emphasis on mice. While numerous studies have highlighted the amiable nature of rats during interactions with experimenters and caregivers, mice often face the challenge of being perceived as difficult to handle, unpredictable, and resistant to acclimating to human interactions.

Dr. Prevot will share insights into a method developed by his research group to alleviate stress and reactivity in mice. The presentation will encompass a step-by-step guide, enabling other research groups to experiment with and potentially adopt this technique within their laboratories.

Additionally, Dr. Prevot will present supporting data illustrating the profound impact of this three-day intervention on both animal behavior and welfare, as well as its effects on the well-being of caregivers.

The aim is to not only dispel the stigma associated with working with mice but also to encourage the wider adoption of effective strategies for enhancing the overall welfare of animals in laboratory environments.

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