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Transfer Station


Designed to function as a pass through and as a change station, the TS-05 Transfer Station from Allentown comes equipped with a wide variety of ease-of-use features like right- or left-hinged doors that interlock mechanically or magnetically and a removable work surface for easy cleaning.
Features & Benefits
  • Designed to function as a pass through and change station
  • Pass through functionality allows for transfer of animal housing and miscellaneous items between areas
  • Change station functionality allows the possibility of transferring animals between cages
  • Right- or left-hinged door available
  • Double-glass security windows
  • Removable work surface for easy cleaning
  • Interlocking mechanical or electro-magnetic doors
  • Full view, vertical opening sash for ease of access and cleaning
  • Overall dimensions:
    1300mm x 859mm x 2400mm h
  • Chamber dimensions:
    1100mm x 780mm x 695mm h
  • Door opening:
    740mm x 645mm h
  • Sash opening:
    1100mm x 690mm h

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