NexGen EASY IVC Installation

Allentown Partnering with University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas has fostered a strong tradition of academic excellence since its inception in 1961 as the Graduate Research Center of the Southwest. It is host to seven schools with over 30 doctoral programs, emphasizes interdisciplinary research, and features a student population as diverse as its areas of study. At 192,000 square feet and completely state-of- the-art, the Natural Science and Engineering Research Building (NSERL) is one of the country's finest research facilities, and is home to the Animal Resource Center (ARC), within the Office of Research. In addition, UT Dallas has recently broken ground on its Bioengineering and Sciences Building (BSB), providing another fertile proving ground for some of the best minds of this generation.

The ARC's lab animal program at UT Dallas has experienced exponential growth over the last several years, and with the hiring of numerous research faculty in that interval, each bringing exciting research goals to the program, the institution required an affordable alternative to existing IVC housing. In helping UT Dallas review their options, ARC administrative staff became intrigued with Allentown's newest IVC option, the NexGen. Upon trialing the NexGen system, the ARC staff was happy to see that they were enjoying improved ergonomics and containment performance, and ultimately it was decided to purchase several NexGen IVC systems to best meet the increasing demand for quality animal housing space, at a highly competitive price.

Allentown technicians have installed [6] IVC NexGen systems since Fall 2013, with more orders on the way. We have been very pleased to receive rave reviews on the NexGen system, our service and installation performance, and after-installation attention to detail (see quotes below.) We could not be more honored to be a small part of the success of one of the country's most prestigious research institutions! Thank you UT Dallas and ARC staff!

"The Animal Resource Center (ARC) at UT Dallas would like to publically thank Allentown, Inc. for their continued dedication to crafting quality housing, environmental, and support equipment that so well serves the diverse needs of the animals, technicians, and biomedical researchers who utilize them day in and day out. Likewise, Allentown deserves commendation for their commitment to excellent customer service, consistently going above and beyond the call. Kelly Ham, our Allentown Technical Sales Representative in North Texas, has been extremely dutiful in delivering on her promise to serve her customers over the last several years; whether it be it the timely arrival of an 160 ct. IVC NexGen rack to trial, or help in obtaining ancillary supplies for trial studies. We look forward to continuing to build a mutually beneficial relationship with Allentown, Inc. for years to come."

Kathan D. McCallister, Assistant Director of the Animal Resource Center (ARC), Office of Research Compliance, at UT Dallas

"The Allentown racks have made our jobs much easier. The functionality and maneuverability alone is excellent, saying nothing of the ventilation which has significantly helped control the ammonia smell in our mouse rooms. Send more quickly."

Steve Lucas, Facility Resources Supervisor, Animal Resource Center (ARC)

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