More Room. In the Same Room.

With research budgets growing tighter and tighter each year, and with additional space not so easy to come by, it's become more important than ever for researchers and research facilities to find ways to do more with less – to increase the number of animals they can house in the most cost-effective way possible.

That's why Allentown developed MAX, the High Density IVC System that increases cage density by at least 20% - using racks that are the same size, and occupy the same footprint, as our standard units. With today's high cost per square foot in vivariums, the MAX helps facility managers make the best use out of very expensive real estate by increasing their animal density in their existing space, and increasing overall density in renovation or new building scenarios.

Following is a capacity comparison between a same-sized Standard IVC and the new MAX IVC:

60 cages72 cages
70 cages84 cages
80 cages96 cages
120 cages144 cages
140 cages168 cages
160 cages192 cages

All of this is accomplished without taking up one single inch of additional floor space.

Even though MAX IVCs house so many more cages, docking and undocking them is smooth and easy, both sliding in and sliding out. Not only does this improve animal well-being with less vibration (a proven stress inducer) when manipulating cages, it also improves staff ergonomics. In fact, a recent independent ergonomic study proved Allentown cages require 50% less force to undock than the cages of a competitive system. Also, the MAX cage runner system ensures that cages never make contact with the cage above during undocking, which could potentially cause the animals undue stress and could even unknowingly dislodge the cage above from vital air and water connections.

In addition to its primary value – safely increasing capacity – the MAX IVC provides a benefit that few housing providers can match: flexibility. The MAX IVC, like our standard NexGen IVCs, can accommodate BOTH the disposable AND the reusable MAX caging systems.

And MAX IVCs are designed and constructed to the same exacting standards that the industry has always appreciated from Allentown…and use the exact same blowers, software, and accompanying facility support systems that all of our other products use. Also, both the disposable and reusable systems accommodate bottle and automatic watering, and are available with a wide range of component options. Pretty much the definition of flexibility and value!

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